Stellar Anchors Global Cooperative
We're a shared services cooperative comprised of developers, entrepreneurs, investors and volunteers. Our focus is on serving member projects.

We've pooled our resources to build the tools that we need to help solve our problems, create greater efficiencies, and expand our businesses opportunities.

Our goal is simple and involves developing a web and mobile platform, integrated with the Stellar crypto network, which empowers our cooperative members through exclusive access to a variety of white label services which are accessible from their own custom branded user interfaces.

A Web framework integrated with Stellar
Our proprietary web framework has been under active development since 2013. It is fast, secure, and contains a variety of features right out of the box.

Services provided by the platform include a user-friendly exchange and wallet UI which is integrated with the Stellar crypto network. The exchange provides access to all Stellar network operations, including tools for issuers and project managers.

Furthermore, it provides tools for members to easily buy, sell, and exchange assets anchored on their own credit.





We have issued cooperative level Stellar assets which are backed by and fully exchangeable for precious metals. Such assets include SAGE, our governance token, which is backed by and exchangeable for physical gold coins at a rate of 1 SAGE = 1ozt worth of gold coins.

Cooperative members pay one-time dues in the form of an investment of 0.1 SAGE to join. Members with 1 or more SAGE tokens may apply to join the board of governors, the major body of voting stakeholders who oversee the project.

Our primary liquidity pool token, TRADE, which is backed by and exchangeable for silver. We're in the process of attempting to move the TRADE :: AQUA pair into the AQUA rewards zone. Learn more about AQUA :: TRADE

Members who wish to develop their own branded themes and interfaces and use them to leverage platform services pay usage fees in the form of the Watt token.

How It All Began

Our journey began with a real-world business need to link legacy print newspapers to new online media using devices such as QR codes. The idea was to better evaluate and increase advertising response rates for newspaper ads.

This idea expanded into wanting to serve advertisers, many of whom are small companies with limited technology investments, by offering digital versions of their coupons, gift certificates, and store credit. Such credit could even be linked directly to newspaper ads through QR codes.

The desire to tokenize store credit in digital format led to the discovery of the Stellar crypto network. Stellar was specifically designed to be a very fast, reliable, and low-cost payment system that could transmit tokenized representations of real-world values as a form of currency.

MoneyGramTM, CircleTM, StripeTM, and a host of other money businesses began serving as anchors, the on and off ramps for the network. CircleTM, for example, issues USDC, a collateralized stablecoin, which is directly exchangeable for United States Dollars.

Minimizing Gold Counterparty Risk
The Stellar anchor concept provides a unique opportunity to anchor precious metals. Rather than have a single company or vault as a counterparty, it would be possible to create a franchise that can be joined by pawn brokers, jewelers, and bullion dealers.

All of these types of companies already deal in precious metals and have distribution channels and inventory. Counterparty risk is distributed across tens of thousands of businesses around the world, rather than having one company hold it all in a single or small number of vaults.

This allows some exciting possibilities, such as being able to deposit a gold coin with a local anchor and then send a tokenized representation of it to a distant broker who will redeem it and allow your recipient to withdraw the same type of coin as you deposited.

We're developing a series of tools to specifically enable anchoring of precious metals via participating retail and wholesale businesses in the pawn, jewelry, and bullion industries.

Each participating retail or wholesale business will be a member of the cooperative and will host a full Stellar network node with a customized version of the Horizon API, integrated with our web platform. These will provide continuity of business in the event of a temporary Internet outage.

The tech stack will also increase the size and security of our network and the Stellar network through increased decentralization.

Precious metals counterparty risk will have been distributed across a vast number of industry participants, simply mirroring the current situation yet adding the benefits, convenience and efficiency that comes with Stellar.

As a proof-of-concept demonstrating our web framework's integration with Stellar, we're currently beta testing our own Stellar exchange.

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