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We're a network of merchants issuing blockchain store credit assets and managing our customer loyalty programs through our subscriptions to Stellar Anchors web services.

The Stellar Anchors Platform enables merchants to issue and manage credit on the blockchain.  Learn more

Stellar Anchors Corporation Credit Assets

Stellar Anchors Corporation has issued the PRESS token on the Stellar blockchain, which is used to pay for subscription fees for our services. PRESS is also tradeable on the Stellar decentralized exchange, and provides liquidity for credit assets issued by our subscribers. We do not make any promises or guarantees regarding investment returns, and encourage potential investors to consult with a qualified financial advisor before investing.


We are committed to complying with all applicable securities laws and regulations, and may limit the availability of our investment opportunity to accredited investors or sophisticated investors, depending on the jurisdiction and type of investment being offered. We plan to engage a qualified securities lawyer to ensure compliance with applicable securities laws and regulations.


We plan to allocate a portion of our net profits each year to provide liquidity on the Stellar decentralized exchange to support the value of the PRESS token. We may also re-invest a portion of our net profits into the business to execute our growth plan goals.


We believe that by offering investors the opportunity to support the growth of our business through the purchase of PRESS tokens, we can create a mutually beneficial dynamic where investors benefit from the appreciation in the value of PRESS over time, while we benefit from increased liquidity and support for our subscribers. We are committed to building a strong community around PRESS that includes both investors and subscribers, and to providing transparency and disclosure to all stakeholders.

To learn about the Stellar Anchors Platform in detail and the value proposition it provides to subscribers and customers, please be sure to examine the project white paper. Below you will find information for PRESS and the old assets that we acquired from other projects:

PRESS credit tokens are used by our customers to pay for their subscription fees
2022-11-07 23:49:58 UTC