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CouponFlux is focused on developing real world use cases for blockchain technology that positively disrupt business processes to provide enhanced efficiency and greater value to all stakeholders. In striving to fulfill this vision, CouponFlux provides interconnected services for both businesses and individuals:

CouponFlux Exchange

A full featured non-custodial wallet and exchange UI for the Stellar blockchain that is directly integrated with our public web site. In addition to its Stellar blockchain access features, Exchange also provides Bitcoin network access through our self-hosted BTCPay server, banking rails provided by Stripe, and integration with ChangeNOW.

Exchange provides an intuitive user interface which enables access to a wide variety of services, with a special focus on fostering community through features that enable members to exchange holiday and special occasion gifts with one another. Some of the key features of Exchange include:

  • Support for multiple wallets
  • Accurate and timely asset pricing
  • Quickly send payments to your contacts
  • Swap one asset for another at the click of a button
  • Add and remove offers from the StellarDEX order book
  • Send and receive claimable balances
  • Reap rewards from participating in liquidity pools
  • Add and remove trust lines to assets
  • Shareable QR codes make it easy for others to scan and pay
  • Full support for Stellar federation
  • Searchable activity and transaction histories
  • Detailed asset meta data and analytics
  • Link bank account(s) and payment methods via Stripe
  • Buy and sell FLUX using your Stripe account and/or Bitcoin
  • Use integrated Stripe crypto on-ramp to purchase Bitcoin and XLM
  • ChangeNOW integration allows swaps between Stellar and other blockchains
  • Create your member profile and share some information about yourself
  • The member directory makes it easy to connect with friends
  • Send payments as gifts with personalized messages using special occasion email templates
  • Effortlessly submit feedback and track support issues with our ticket system

Exchange membership is limited to individuals and is currently by invitation only. Any member can invite others to join by sending a gift. Each member must link their bank account through Stripe and undergo KYC. Each member receives their own dedicated Stripe Connect account. A community capital pool funded by a portion of the application's income provides hourly yield for certain digital assets.

Reimagine Store Credit with CouponFlux Station
CouponFlux provides merchants with tools to issue digital store credit assets on the Stellar blockchain which are redeemable for store merchandise.

Migrate Your Loyalty Program to the Blockchain
CouponFlux Station can integrate your WordPress web site with the Stellar blockchain through web services that are licensed using the software-as-a-service model. Our rich toolset of customizable widgets can be embedded on your pages using short codes. If you use WooCommerce, you'll be able to easily issue blockchain assets which are exchangeable for your merchandise.

A web service and value network for subscribers which provides a unified API to access remote e-commerce services. A full featured plugin for CouponFlux Station works seemlessly with WordPress and is fully compatible with WooCommerce. It provides workflows, tools, and screens to manage blockchain credit assets and customer loyalty programs.

Improved Engagement
By using a loyalty program, subscribers can encourage customers to return to their website and purchase more products. By issuing store credit assets on the Stellar blockchain, customers can easily earn and redeem rewards, leading to increased engagement and retention.

Reduced Costs
Implementing and managing a loyalty program can be expensive and time-consuming. CouponFlux provides subscribers with a cost-effective and efficient way to manage their loyalty program, reducing the overall cost and time required to implement and manage a loyalty program.

Increased Transparency
Blockchain technology provides a transparent and immutable record of all transactions, making it easy for subscribers to track and manage their loyalty program. This increased transparency provides subscribers with a higher level of accountability and can help to reduce fraudulent activity.

Highly Customizable
CouponFlux provides subscribers with a highly customizable loyalty program, enabling them to define the rules for earning and redeeming rewards, set expiration dates for rewards, and create custom rewards for customers. This flexibility enables subscribers to create a loyalty program that meets their unique needs and provides their customers with a seamless and personalized experience.

Universal Liquidity
Create cross-promotional programs with other subscribers by making your rewards points interchangeable. Issue fully liquid merchant credit assets which are exchangeable for cash.

Easy to Use
The suite of tools provided by CouponFlux is designed to be easy to use, making it simple for subscribers to implement and manage a blockchain-based loyalty program. The tools are user-friendly, scalable, and secure, providing subscribers with a reliable infrastructure to manage their loyalty program.

Member Accounts
The ability for merchants and customers to create and manage their station accounts. Secure access to the system, including subscription registrations, activation, creation, user role definition, and secure authentication protocols.

Loyalty Programs
The ability for merchants to create and manage their loyalty programs using Stellar Anchors Satellite.

Payment Processing
The ability to issue and manage digital representations of store credit on the Stellar blockchain network, including support for various store credit assets such as points, rewards, and gift cards.

Transaction Processing
The ability to facilitate the exchange of digital representations of store credit between customers and merchants, ensuring that transactions are processed securely and efficiently.

A suite of reporting tools that enable subscribers to track and analyze their loyalty program’s performance, including detailed information on customer behavior, purchase history, and rewards earned.

A framework for defining the rules for earning and redeeming rewards, setting expiration dates for rewards, and creating custom rewards for customers.

A set of tools for communicating with customers, including email notifications, SMS messages, and push notifications.

A feature that allows CouponFlux Station to provide CouponFlux Satellite and other clients with real-time notifications.

A set of tools for integrating the loyalty program with third-party systems, including e-commerce platforms, CRM systems, and marketing automation tools.

Our flat rate pricing model is designed to provide web store owners with a cost effective and predictable pricing structure. Integate with CouponFlux Station for only $60 per month.

Consulting Services for Business

A Careful Balancing Act
It is the mission of CouponFlux to achieve the correct balance in all of its endeavors, whether they be of a business or technical nature. This entails balancing short and long term risks and rewards and we've become experts at this task.

On the one hand, we've always prided ourselves on our knowledge and vision, having managed to stay ahead of the technology curve. We're adept at spotting the key trends which will shape the future and we've even had a humble role in that process.

On the other hand, we maintain a strong commitment to the platforms of the past, supporting clients until they decide that their older applications have become obsolete and will be retired.

It is in this balance between embracing and helping to advance the latest, cutting edge technologies and our steadfast loyalty to existing client systems that shapes our outlook and our focus.

We've witnessed young and barely noticed new tools come to prominence and gain wide traction in the marketplace. We're not quick to jump on every trendy bandwagon that comes along, but are highly perceptive when it comes to identifying the advancements that will become sticky and remain a part of the development landscape for years to come.

Every work of ours is also a careful balance between art and logic. It is our mission to provide unique, highly usable, and visually appealing interfaces atop succinctly written, solid, and stable business logic which executes quickly and conforms to design patterns widely recognized as successful.

CouponFlux has found success by being able to innovate at the right time and within the right context and also to follow well known and respected conventions when it is appropriate. Each of our works contains both innovation and convention in balance with one another. We're able to offer clients our own unique and innovative values, while not straying from accepted conventions that would allow those unfamiliar with our company's systems to easily understand and edit our work.

Blockchain Integration
We've developed extensive tools and gained valuable experience integrating WordPress plugins, websites, and mobile applications with the blockchain to create next generation business solutions.

Web and Graphic Design
Our talented designers and artists deliver attractive graphics and compelling user experiences. We offer audio production, video production, web animation, original artwork, and illustration services. Our artists would be pleased to render your multimedia concepts.

Electronic Commerce Solutions
We find the features and benefits of building e-commerce solutions based on open source frameworks, such as WordPress and WooCommerce, to provide the greatest overall advantage in the majority of client cases. It would be our honor to provide you with an estimate following a free project consultation.

FinTech Applications
We can rapidly develop custom web applications tailored to your specific requirements by leveraging our skill with a variety of different tools. CouponFlux follows a tried and true six step process when developing custom applications for our clients.

Identify Needs
Clients almost never come to us with a particular piece of software in mind. They come to us with a new opportunity, a problem or an idea. With our help that idea is shaped and refined so that the essence of the project is revealed. This entire initial phase is provided at no cost to the client. At the end of this phase we present the client with a scope document and our free estimate of costs. During this initial phase we interview client staff, create a system overview, define specific project goals, identify the target audience, determine current trends, create a scope document, and offer a free estimate.

In the Design and Plan phase of the methodology we move from the general to the specific. In close collaboration with the client we establish the exact functional requirements of the system. These requirements are encapsulated into a detailed design document. The design document covers functional and technical specifications, coding and documentation standards, system security, support plan, and the user interface. At the end of the design document is our fixed bid or hourly rate for the project and the contractual services agreement required to retain our services.

During the third phase of the development process, the client's initial idea is turned into a fully functional application. At the beginning of this phase the client is introduced to the project manager, who will help guide the project from start to finish. Through the project manager the client is given continual updates about the development team's progress. First, we organize the development team for the project. This team then develops the application interface with periodic quality assurance reviews.

Test & Revise
Besides the initial design work, we view testing as the most critical part of our methodology. It insures a quality product that is ready to use as soon as it the product is rolled out. Testing is performed to insure that the application has high usability, conforms to the original design document specifications, and is free of coding errors. Our testing methods follow a defined engineering process where tests are run in a controlled environment, testing revisions are monitored, user groups are involved and finally the client is involved in the testing process.

Roll Out
Introducing new software into any environment can be a tricky process. CouponFlux provides client employees and management with the support they need in order for the new software to be widely accepted and successful. This step may include data migration from legacy systems, staff training, and documentation. For public applications and web sites, we also provide marketing services to attract the attention of target markets.

We strive to build long term relationships with our clients. They come to us initially because of our reputation for creating dependable and affordable custom software. They stay with us because we offer long term, reliable software support. We are happy to work with you to craft a support plan that best fits your needs. Some of our support options include: monthly maintenance contracts, per incident support, hourly technical support, scheduled upgrades, weekend and evening support, and consistent project management.

HTML 5, CSS, Graphic Design, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, Mobile Web, NodeJS, JSON, PHP, Java, MySQL, Python, PostgreSQL, MSSQL, OpenSSL, SSH, Solidity, Rust, Custom Font Creation, REST, JSON-RPC, SMTP/POP3, XML/SOAP, P2P, Git, Agile/Scrum, Audio/Video Production, SEO/SEM, Project Management, Technical Instruction, Animations/Lottie, AI Prompt Authoriing, OpenAI API, Remote Web Services and API integrations, Windows, Linux, Cryptography, Stellar blockchain, Soroban, Bitcoin network, BTCPay Server, Stripe Connect, Web Server Administration, Marketing, WordPress + WooCommerce

We charge a standard flat rate of $150 hourly with a minimum of five hours. Projects over one hundred hours in duration receive a 10% discount. We're able to provide some services by project bid. All work is performed at our offices. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate.

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